Routine Maintenance of Paddy Husker Equipment Motor

The daily maintenance and inspection of the motor of the Paddy Husker(LIANGGONG)

equipment is very important, and the operation of the motor will affect the production efficiency of the manufacturer. Summary of the daily maintenance of the motor should pay attention to:

  1. Touch the surface of the casing by hand to feel if the temperature of the motor is too high and vibration.

  2. Careful external inspection of the motor: check whether the external fasteners of the motor are loose, whether the parts are damaged, whether the surface of the equipment is oily or corroded, whether there are discoloration, burn marks and smoke marks at the contact points and joints of the motor. phenomenon. Listen carefully to the noise inside the motor: Check the electromagnetic noise, ventilation noise, mechanical friction sound, bearing noise, etc. inside the motor to determine the cause of the motor failure.

  3. Relying on the sense of smell to find burnt smell, odor: check motor overheating, winding burnout, single-phase operation, winding faults, bearing failures, etc. will cause these burnt taste. Strengthen the daily maintenance measures of rice processing equipment: It is necessary to take remedial measures in time for the problems found in the inspection, and also perform screwing, wiring fastening, disassembly inspection, cleaning and maintenance on the motor according to the maintenance cycle.

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