Working with two excel sheets at the same time

I have a scenario where I have to open two excel sheets and compare the data , if it matches then need to create another excel sheet with additional data.

For example:
ID,Name , Address


Need to find ID from excel1 to excel2 and if it matches then need to create excel3 which contains

I have tried to use GET ALL CELLS excel command using different session names but while extracting data from second sheet I got below error:

The Excel spreadsheet contains any/all of following:

  • Empty header(s)
  • Duplicate header name(s)

- Invalid cell range

Please let me know best way to get this done?

thanks for your help in advance!!!


  • I am also having similar requirement, please help

  • Hi, The issue is there might be some empty columns without data. First delete those column and then user get all cells command to get all data from excel.

    Happy Automation!!!

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