Rice Grader Equipment Winter Considerations

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equipment has improved the processing speed and efficiency of rice, and has brought more production benefits to various grain enterprises and users. However, in order to use it more efficiently, in addition to the need to master normal operation methods. In addition, daily maintenance and maintenance should be done in a timely manner.

Winter considerations

If your rice grader equipment is placed outdoors, please turn it on for five minutes before using it to warm up the machine. Because the metal declines in toughness in winter, it can be restored to normal by preheating. It helps to improve the service life of the machine. The rice grader equipment must be kept under good lubrication conditions. Otherwise, the bearing will be damaged and the service life will be shortened. In order to ensure normal operation, the refueling time on the main shaft needs to be once per shift and once a month.

In addition, the use of rice grader equipment, if it is carried out indoors in the winter, the appropriate temperature can increase work efficiency. For air volume adjustment, the air volume control valve is usually opened to the maximum position, the air volume is too small, and the air duct under the main unit is easy to precipitate materials. In addition, dust and debris should be cleaned in time to avoid reaction with equipment, causing corrosion of parts and reducing service life.

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