Maintenance of Paddy Separator Equipment During Use

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equipment, in order to ensure the high output of the equipment, we must do a good job of equipment maintenance! For this, everyone still agrees! However, some companies maintain equipment only when the equipment is completely shut down. In fact, the correct equipment maintenance should be divided into the use period and parking period. Next, I will give you a specific explanation. I hope you can read the following articles carefully.

In routine maintenance and calibration maintenance, factors affecting inspection results, such as dust, temperature, humidity, vibration, noise, corrosion, etc., should be closely monitored, and control should be strictly controlled to reduce errors. It is necessary to ensure that all instrument work surfaces are fixed and level, and meet the requirements for use. After the equipment is used, it should be cleaned and restored in time to ensure the smooth processing of the next processing. The electrical equipment should be equipped with an independent power switch that matches the rated power and has a good grounding wire. A regulated power supply should be provided according to the requirements of the manual.

The relevant personnel who use the paddy separator equipment should learn the corresponding operation methods and fault repair measures. Check and adjust each indicator instrument and safety protection device; find hidden dangers and abnormalities, eliminate them, and eliminate leakage. The maintenance personnel should record the main contents of the maintenance, the hidden dangers found during the maintenance process, the abnormalities, the test results, the accuracy of the trial production parts, the running performance, and the existing problems.

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