you do not have Execute permission on MetaBot

i am using RPA 11.1.2 and the MetaBot "FileFolderInfo" in a Taskbot. Unluckily I get a error message when I try to run the bot. The error message says "Unable to complete the Task since you do not have Execute permission on MetaBot 'FileFolderInfo'. Please contact your system administrator to get the Execute permission on this MetaBot and try again."

At the Online help desk at section Knowledgebase there is something said about the system role AA_Meta Bot Designer, but I don't have this role available at the Control room.

I also checked the section about the role permissions in Control Room. The flags to use MetaBots are all set.

Can you help? What must I check to run the MetaBot?

Kind regards


  • Hi,
    There is role called AAE_Meta Bot Designer that should be assigned to you otherwise you cant access metabots.

    Happy Automation!!!

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