Tell me about Keystrokes

Keystrokes – good, bad or just misunderstood?


  • it is depend on situation.

    Ex: Website's Form Filling
    if you are using Keystrokes to fill 'website form' and using TAB key to move your focus then it might possible that website has not loaded properly or be loading. so other thing get focused

    Ex: At other side let's take example of excel,
    to add Filter in sheet it is good practice to use keystroke.

    you should not type whole paragraph using keystroke.
    Some websites and some software need keystrokes in Text Fields.

    using of Insert Keystroke command and applying proper delay you can achieve your goal.

  • Hi,

    1. Mouse (Avoid using mouse clicks):

    • While recording a task, use keystrokes and shortcuts as much as possible rather than using mouse clicks. Avoiding mouse clicks ensures that the task will run successfully, even when objects or icons have moved positions.

    1. Keystrokes (Use keystrokes as much as possible):

    • Keyboard keystrokes are highly reliable and consistent to record.

    1. For Object Recorder and Web Recorder, use mouse clicks to navigate rather than keystrokes

    Please let me know if any additional details required.


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