Puzzled on MetaBot invocation

I'm studying MetaBots from the manuals and find myself confused. Hoping we as a community can straighten some things out. What I believe is that MetaBots are like "subroutines" in a programming world. I can create reusable "chunks" of automation and incorporate those in TaskBots for utilization. Great!!

However, my model breaks down when I start to look at them. A subroutine has an "entry" point with input and output parameters. I do see that I can specify variables in my MetaBots that are input/output/both ... so that seems great ... however where I start to get confused is the notion of "assets" and "logic". It seems I can create any number of "logic(s)" but I am not understanding the relationship between these artifacts (assets and logic) and the invocation from a TaskBot.

Summing it up:

  • What is the logical model that relates screens, DLLs and logics?
  • What is the entry point for a MetaBot?
  • Do we have a walked through example/tutorial of usage?


  • Assets are like a Library, ( can have WebPage or DLL) , using the Asset, then you can create functions in Logic

    I compare Like
    Asset are like Class
    Logic are like Public Function

    you can have one Asset ( say DLL you have added ) and you can create multiple logic using one Asset, to expose various functionality using that dll,

    so in the Task, when you drag and drop the newly created MetaBot , you will see the lists of Functions (Logic) and use it,
    The Entry Point for a MetaBot is the Logic (function) call , Say you have created 5 logic ( Function ) , when you use it in the Task, you need to pick which Logic (Function ) to use by passing input parameter and output parameter if any.

  • Thank you sir. As the months have passed and I continue to study AA ... a new question has come to mind. I'm not sure I continue to see a reason for "MetaBots" when we can also have re-usable tasks. If I develop Task A, I can use it from Task B and Task C via a call/return paradigm. If I develop MetaBota A, I can use if from Task B and Task C. So other than the "glue" to call DLLs which I don't believe is found elsewhere, how would I distinguish using a MetaBot from a re-usable Task?

  • Hi kolban, Metabots fulfill requirements that Tasks cannot. If you consider a Metabot as offering only a single piece of functionality then I agree it is limited, but a single Metabot can present a whole list of different functions or options from one place. For example, I have worked with a single Metabot that is used to offer a large number of standard functions to every Bot, such as standardised logging capabilites, reading configuration items, etc.

  • I have the same question as kolban but am still not clear as I have been writing Tasks for several months but only just starting to learn about Metabots. I too am not understanding what advantage a Metabot has over just simply using Tasks within Tasks. We house our code in a repository in which all developers have access so multiple developers can easily reuse a common set of Tasks within their own. Does a Metabot just provide an easy way to group functions together or is there some other advantage?

  • Sir, i heard of it saying Meta bot is used on dynamic content loading web page. But, I am not clear on this point. can you please elaborate.

  • Hello everyone, I'm using metabot and writing logics. The volume of logics is more than 50. While running metabot from task editor, some random logics in metabot getting deleted automatically. Please help me out in understanding what might be the root cause as this has been a show stopper
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